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photo booth rental

Memories& fun for everyone

A time to have fun and create video or photo memories with your guests.


Take your corporate, community, Bar mitzvah, birthday, and baby shower event to the next level with a 360 photo booth. Do you want your guests to leave your event with a video/photo to always remember how much fun they had? This is the solution, all videos are shared from our sharing station right away to their phones, emails, and voila!


Everyone will love this. Our 360 booth is large enough to hold 5-6 people which makes it even cooler. Both booth includes accessories, and photo props to keep everyone engaged and get in a festive mood no matter what! Ask for rates and rent with us for your next event!


With Our regular photo booth, you can still capture memories and let your guests leave with a tangible memory about your event. We offer options with printed pictures for small events or just digital sharing!

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