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Services agreement

The form below along with your deposit is part of the steps to reserve your event. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about this.

Services Agreement
I. Cancelation Policy: If you decide to cancel the event, your deposit will be due to JOLIEFACES. The deposit is non-refundable under any conditions unless if it is state-of-emergency related, you may reschedule your event and the $50-$200 deposit may be applied to your new event. If a cancellation occurs within 3 days of the event, you are responsible for 50% of the balance, 100% for same day.
II. Rescheduling: We will do our best to accommodate only state-of-emergency dates, but cannot guarantee artist availability. We do not offer refunds for inclement weather, sickness or any other reasons. If you want to postponed your event, you'll need to make a whole new booking/reservation so please secure an alternate indoor location for your event in advance.
III. Returned Checks, Payment & late fees: payment must be submitted by the date of your event, or before we leave your event unless if agreed otherwise. IThere will be a $30 fee for returned checks, plus the amount of the check and all costs involved in enforcing payment of the debt owed. $35 fee for any payment not received 5 days after event’s date and a $35 fee for every 5 days of non-payment.
IV. Overtime: Any time beyond the time booked will cost $80 per half hour for 1 service, or $175 per half hour for 2 services, $250 for 3 services with 2 artists. However, only pre-booked times are guaranteed, additional time during event may not be available, although Artist will attempt to accommodate requests for additional paid time.
V. Parking fees: If applicable, the client will compensate artist for any parking fees (above $4) incurred while the artist is providing its contract agreement services to the client. Be mindful that the artists will be caring heavy supplies and your cooperation will be appreciate.
VI. Parking Location: We request the client to provided with parking in the driveway or nearest location of the home where services will be provided. If the event is at a commercial facility, please provided a parking spot next to the commercial facility entrance door. Loading dock access or Parking near the place services should be provided to enable the artists to unload equipment.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive your invoice within 24 hrs or less to confirm that your event has been secured.

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